Go for the gold!

August 10, 2008

Welcome, sportsfans!

We are currently in the throes of one of the most anticipated sports events of our modern age: The Summer Olympics! Hurrah!

Now, I generally love the Olympics. I’ve watched them every four–and then two–years since, oh, my earliest memory. There was a time in my life when I could rattle off the entire women’s gymnastics or figure skating team. I even went to the Summer Olympics in 1996 when they were in Atlanta. I’ve had books about the Olympics and Olympians. At various points of time in my life, I’ve dreamed of winning a gold medal for equestrian, gymnastics, moguls, synchronized swimming and golf, before I realized I’m hopelessly bad at all sports except golf, and that’s not an Olympic event.

So imagine my surprise when, YAWN, I FORGOT about the Olympics. That’s right. I forgot.

Yesterday was a lazy Saturday morning, and on lazy Saturday mornings, I like to flip to USA to watch whatever cheesy rom-com is on, while I drink my coffee and nap and try to forget about my job. But I flipped, expecting Bridget Jones, and instead finding… women’s basketball?

Oh, right. The Olympics.

And I have discovered that I don’t actually care about the Olympics. At least not the games they show on TV. Yeah, it’s amazing to watch Michael Phelps in the pool, but it’s not exciting when you know he’s going to win every race. Same thing with basketball. Now, I love basketball as much as the next Hawks fan, but why do I want to watch the NBA scrambled up into other teams that can’t hold their own against the Lakers. Excuse me, I mean Team USA.

No, for me, the joy of the Olympics is watching all the weird crap that people from other countries excel at where the Americans have no chance of a medal. Badminton. Synchronized diving. Weight lifting. Trampoline. Trampoline? That’s right. The suburban classic is now an Olympic event.

Now there’s a sport I was good at. Perhaps my Olympic dreams aren’t as dead as I thought they were.

For more Golden Olympic coverage, check out Television Without Pity’s viewing recommendations and Entertainment Weekly’s watching guide.

And, until then, let me know what Olympic events you’re watching. Or are you too busy trying to figure out exactly what’s wrong with Bob Costas’s toupee.



  1. M has been watching a little here and there. Apparently, China is beating us in the gold medal dept. though we are tied for total medals. The South Koreans have us beat in gold medals, too. I v. much enjoyed the Japanese indoor volleyball yesterday, because those gals would shout SUPER loud in Japanese and it was awesome.

    I prefer the dog agility show that’s on ESPN2 as I type this, however.

  2. Got gymnastics on now-some of the Chinese look about 12, not 16. Sigh. I’m afraid the American ladies will lose the gold because of injuries. They could overcome China’s home turf, I believe, but I’m not sure if they can overcome injuries as well.

  3. Hahahahaha…I forgot until probably Saturday morning that the Olympics had started.

    I want to watch diving! But I haven’t seen any on yet! Drat having to be at work!

  4. I am currently obsessed with synchronized diving. I had no idea this was a sport until this Olympics. And those Chinese girls (again!) are so amazing.

  5. ha, i just moved to a new city and have nothing to do and no friends, but i’ve still managed to watch pretty much no olympics. i probably should have boycotted, it would have been easy, although it also wouldn’t have made a difference as i’m not a neilson family.

    anyway, i only like diving.

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