FAIL: Ann Taylor Loft

September 2, 2008


See? Cute!

See? Cute!


Cute again, right?

Cute again, right?




For weeks, I have been drooling over the cute fall clothes in store windows. Fall is a rough time for me right now, since I live in Florida, where it never really arrives.

But the windows at Ann Taylor Loft have been particularly enticing because they’re full of ridiculously cute, 60s-style shift dresses with short sleeves! Appropriately autumnal, but I’ll still be comfy in 90-degree heat.

So over the weekend, while shopping with my mom, we decided to try them, for shits and giggles.

Now, see in those pictures, how the dresses aren’t exactly…long? I usually expect that dresses will be longer on 5-foot-4-inch me than those glamazon models.

But these dresses? SHORT. I could have used at least two more inches. When I turned around to go back to the dressing room to change, my mom even said, “Hello, thigh!”

Now, ordinarily I’d just chalk this up to wrong dress on the wrong person. But, seriously, Ann Taylor Loft, who do you think is going to wear these dresses? They are work-only dresses. I’m not going to wear them anywhere besides the office, where I prefer to keep my thighs concealed.

Which is a shame, because these dresses are otherwise cute and cheap and perfect for fall.

FAIL: Ann Taylor Loft



  1. TIGHTS! I am praying for you to wear this dress with some tights and mod boots.

  2. I can never find anything at Ann Taylor Loft. I always go in looking for decent, reasonably priced suits for interviews and such, and though everything looks cute on the rack, it seriously is made for people under 5’2′. They should really just be honest and classify themselves as a petites store. I’m only 5’5′ 1/2, and everything in there is CRAZY short on me. Sleeves, pants, shirts, skirts, everything. It’s madness. The cuts are terribly unflattering.

    Maybe you could make these dresses work with a really thick pair of black tights, though?

  3. Damn it. Disappointing. But yes, there are always thick tights! I do love tights.

  4. Those are cute, but I’ve recently been disapointed by said Loft. Usually I love EVERYTHING in there, and now, not so much. I will have to check these out and see how they fit, since I’m a good 2 inches shorter then you and my business wardrobe is boring me to fashion hell.

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