Keeping track

September 8, 2008

When I am Mistress of the Universe, one of the first things on my agenda–right after mandating that all restaurants serve breakfast all day, including cereal–is creating the perfect, well, agenda.

I’m a person who likes plans. And I also like keeping track of those plans. Preferably in some kind of notebook thingy. In high school and college, the school-provided planners suited my needs. When I graduated, my mom got me a lovely turquoise leather binder with the refillable parts, y’know, like a filofax. But that soon got way too heavy to lug around all the time.

I switched to one of those cheesy plastic-covered two years of months planners they sell for $1 at Hallmark. I got it for free in a goody bag at work or something. This year, I’ve been using the Moleskine weekly planner, which has been suited my needs, but as I am a fickle office supply slut, my eye is wandering.

First we have Old Faithful: The Moleskine weekly planner.

PROS: Hard cover, ribbon bookmark, wide pages with plenty of room to scribble plans, quality paper, rubber band to keep it closed.

CONS: No month-at-a-glance, no little tabby things to rip off to keep track of the day, I’ve already used it.

Next, we have Quo Vadis which has gotten tons of good reviews in the online paper world. 

PROS: Gorgeous leather, high-quality paper, wide pages to jot down notes, refillable, gorgeous design, tear-off tabby things.

CONS: Can’t buy in a store so I’d have to order online, no lines, no way to keep it shut in my bag.

Then we have the Rush Pocket Weekly, which is awesome because it’s RECYCLED!!

PROS: RECYCLED! Cool design, multi-lingual.

CONS: Kinda fugly, no lines, no tear-off tabby things or bookmarks, no way to close it in my bag, oh, and did I mention? Kinda fug. Plus, online-only, once again.

Then we have the Gallery Leather Collection’s planner, in the pocket or desk size. This is the planner that’s probably posing the biggest threat to the Moleskine.

PROS: Gorgeous, soft leather, beautiful colors, nice design, come with a map, tear-off tabby things AND a bookmark.

CONS: Neither size is *quite* perfect, no way to close it in my bag, doesn’t open really wide and lay flat on the table.

So…I don’t know. Yeah, I know it’s only September and I have four good months left in my trusty Moleskine, but I do need to make a decision because, well, I kinda want a red one if I get a Moleskine and they sell out fast.

What do you think? And lest you mock me for devoting this much thought and blogspace to buying a planner, may I direct you to my friend Nadarine.

Thank you, and good night.



  1. moleskine has a monthly planner: http://www.amazon.com/Moleskine-Pocket-Monthly-Planner-Notebook/dp/B001AYH1ZW/ref=pd_bbs_4?ie=UTF8&s=office-products&qid=1221532387&sr=8-4

    how much stuff are you writing? isn’t that what blogs are for?

  2. Hi. Would you like to review a Quo Vadis planner or Quo Vadis Habana notebook? Please let me know, and I’d be happy to send you one.

    Thanks, Karen

  3. Look how service-y my fiance is! WOWEE. Moleskine FTW; I refuse to even look at that whatever it was threat, I can’t even recall its name.

    Miquelrius. Check them out.

    As for keeping your planner closed in your bag, buy a pretty satin headband from Goody or treat yourself to a box of chocolates that’s got one that will fit your planner!

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