Technology envy

September 21, 2008



I have an iPod. A nice, big 80 gig black one encased in a pink rubber case. Which just sounds dirty, but it’s wonderful and I love it and it holds much of my music collection and several episodes of The Office with room to spare.

But ooooooh, dear Steve Jobs in Silicon Valley, I want a new nano. Especially an orange one. Or yellow. No, orange. No, yellow. OH MY GOD I WANT THEM ALL.



  1. I feel bad because my mom got me a shiny iPod nano, the smaller one that only comes in white, for $150 when my birthday came around in June. It holds 1,000 songs. Now the new ones are out, and they hold what, twice that for the same price she paid? I still love my iPod, but dang, they become outdated so fast. The new ones are very pretty, you are right. I figure by the time I want to purchase another, they’ll be roughly the size of a bottle cap, except way prettier and more functional.

  2. Ha, I literally squealed the first time I saw the commercial for these. I want a green one!

  3. Is it odd that I don’t covet wee technology thingees the way I do, say, shoes?


    I am perfectly happy with my POS phone and my v. serious black classic iPod w/ video, but I saw a Tuleh leopard print dress today in satin that made my heart ache a thousand little deaths.

    PS. You’re now first on my blogroll, missy! Sorry it took me so damn long!

  4. Skinny, I never covet technology, but I covet anything and everything that comes in rainbow colors, whether they’re skittles or ipods.

  5. Dr. Mr. Jobs,

    Please to send me a pretty purple iPod. Oh, and make it an 80-gig version. Because I don’t understand why I can’t have both.



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