Go big or go home

October 3, 2008

I recently found myself in the possession of a gift card to a local department store, so I headed to the one place in a department store I regularly shop in: The cosmetics counter

And when one has free money in ones pocket and one is looking to splurge, there is only one place to go, with the allure of the interlocking Cs and chick black-and-white counters: CHANEL.

At $25 per lipgloss and $30 a lipstick, Chanel isn’t exactly part of my everyday makeup routine. So I should go with something safe, right? I tried several lipglosses and lipsticks in those nondescript, pinkish, mauvish, brownish, kinda natural but with some oomph no-name colors that dominate my makeup collection, I found myself uttering a sentence I’d never said before:



What about red lipstick?

When one is at Chanel, one must do as the Mademoiselle dictates. And Mlle Chanel dictates RED.

The saleslady took this very seriously. She approached me with a handful of lipsticks in hand before choosing one and carefully painting it on. I felt like one of Picasso’s canvases. And when I looked in the mirror…

“You will look just like Coco Chanel herself,” she told me.




Turns out, I hear from some very unreliable sources, my shade, Passion, is modeled after Coco’s own signature shade.

Let’s just see if I have the guts to wear it. That’s a haughty look to live up to.



  1. Oh, I’ve always wanted to be able to wear red red lipstick, but it just is not right on me.

    I bet you’ll rock it hard. It’ll be fantastical on you.

  2. I firmly believe that somewhere out there is a perfect red lipstick for every mouth.

  3. Well done, dearest. So proud.

  4. I was like this in Sephora, buying all sorts of stuff I didn’t need. I spent $50, which probably isn’t a lot, but it is to me. The body butter things are nearly gone, and I’m working through the melon daquiri body wash/shampoo/bubble bath/acne cream/contraceptive. I need to bust out the pretty lip thingies I got. On the rare occasion that I get makeup, I tend to go for glosses or shimmers or something not quite lipstick.

  5. There’s nothing like having a pair of red lips You feel so POWERFUL.

    And I agree with Lipstick Librarian, there is def a shade of red for everyone. If there’s ever a time to ask for help from the people at the counter, it’s when looking for your shade of red. So worth it.

  6. ARHUV, red lipstick on a redhead is one of my all-time favorite looks. Ineffable is right. It’s definitely a time to go to the pros for advice.

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