Here’s your one chance, Fancy

October 5, 2008


I am a fairly casual person. On a scale of one to Skinny Bone Jones, I’m definitely somewhere around a 3. Most of my wardrobe is machine-washable cotton. And what isn’t cotton is linen.

So when I heard from my boss that I needed to go to a black-tie gala for work, I was, shall we say, less than thrilled, mostly because I had nothing to wear. But after being lectured by my friends about networking opportunities with the big boss, and by my mom about having something appropriate in my wardrobe, I sucked it up and bought a dress.

Now, when I do something, I do it up right. So I got my hair done, did my makeup and put on my highest come-fuck-me heels and strutted over to the gala.

Which was great, until I discovered that people didn’t recognize me!

I had no idea what a transformation it was to get out of my slouchy brown pants and relaxed cotton shirts, free from its lazy ponytail and put on some eyeliner.



So in honor of my super-fancy evening, I thought I’d share my super-fancy makeup routine. Except, it’s not so superfancy… it’s really just my everyday makeup routine cranked up to 11. OK, OK, I guess it makes a difference when I crank my regular routine up to 11 when it’s usually set at 3.







  1. I love things from Fresh. I have two lipliners from them and a fancy lip brush, but their eye palettes look so tempting.

    Also? “On a scale of one to Skinny Bone Jones” is on par with “The femme you wish your mother warned about,” pertaining to quotes by friends about me. I’m honored!

  2. So, do you find the Tarte stains to be sticky or no? Everyone seems to say so. I’m interested, but not if it stays sticky at all. I’ve never had a problem with the truer stains like The Balm’s Staniac or Vincent Longo’s Baby Boo and they aren’t sticky at all. Tarte’s do seem to last forever, it sounds like. Dish, sugar.

  3. The Tarte cheekstains aren’t sticky on me at all. They’re a little sticky at first, but dry quickly. I love the one I have. Plus, Blushing Bride smells like Jell-O!

  4. Jell-O! Sunkissed looks super pretty for my skin tone, but folks are calling it a bronzer. So confusing.

  5. That dress is so gorgeous and OMG, I need that Stila chocolate set. I also apparently need some makeup lessons.

  6. It’s fun sometimes to dress up, isn’t it? I haven’t done it in a while. I still have fond memories of prom, though, and walking up the staircase to see another girl gawking at me, going “Dang girl, you clean up good!”

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