Shout out: M

October 5, 2008


Big shout-out to the amazing and wonderful M, who suggested the monthly Moleskine planner. Lo and behold, I think it’s exactly what I need!

Expect a review and maybe even a comparison to the weekly Moleskine in a few months.



  1. wow, awesome. how soon can we expect your hostile world takeover? wait, it will be hostile, right?

  2. She’s an otter, bebe, there will be hand-holding and splish-splashing.

    Chels, I am so buying up one of these babies for myself. Pretty!

  3. Yes, there will be splashing and handholding, but if anyone gets out of line, they’ll see my claws.


  4. See, this is the appropriate place for a shout-out. The middle of a vice presidential debate? Not so much.

    Sorry, I just cannot let that go!

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