All work and no play…

October 27, 2008

In honor of Halloween, I was going to post some clips from the best horror movie ever made, “The Shining.” Except here’s the thing. “The Shining” is so good that I didn’t really want to look up clips while sitting alone in my office. It’s a scary movie! And there are all kinds of random noises and pops and whistles that I know, logically, are from our air conditioner, but are still creepy.

So instead, I will post my favorite youtube video ever made.

Now, what’s your favorite scary movie?



  1. The Others, that spooky haunted house movie with Nicole Kidman!

    I also love Signs, before Mel Gibson went mental.

    I like the quiet, subtle scary movies.

  2. 28 days later!

  3. “Silence of the Lambs”, but it’s not really scary so much as BRILLIANT.

  4. @Trixie: I love “The Others” too! I also love “The Sixth Sense” and “What Lies Beneath.” All good subtle movies.

    My all-time faves include “Psycho,” “Pet Sematary,” “Poltergeist,” “The Amityville Horror (original)” and the first “Friday the 13th.”

    Also, I watched “The Exorcist” for the first time last night (I know!) and that kind of freaked me out a bit. It was more disturbing than scary though.

  5. Otter, that video is insanely funny.

    @M: Yes! 28 Days Later was amazing. And terrifying. And disturbing. But the sequel was ridiculously disappointing.

    Also, if you haven’t seen The Descent, you have truly missed out. Scared the living crap out of me.

  6. OK, I watched The Shining for the first time (I know! Again!) on Thursday night and ZOMG! So scary!!

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