Information is the currency of democracy.

November 3, 2008

One of my earliest memories is going to the polls with mom and getting so excited about my “I voted” sticker.

The first time I got fired up about politics was in 1992. I was in third grade, and there was a candidate who cared about the environment and had a daughter with a cool name.

In 2000, I helped register my friends to vote, campaigned for a third-party candidate. I was on pins and needles for a month waiting for the outcome.

In 2004, I voted for the first time (absentee) and stayed up all night waiting for returns.

This year, I voted early, in a swing state, no less. It was exhillirating. I got to choose a historic candidate in a state that will probably help decide the election.

Voting is never a right I have taken advantage of. Just a few generations ago, women were prohibited from voting. And only one generation ago, Jim Crow laws were still in place.

There are many things I love about this country: Coke, the First Amendment, fried chicken, rock and roll, the Great Lakes, gopher tortoises and F. Scott Fitzgerald. But one of the beautiful things about our nation, our Republic, our Democracy, is that we all have a say.

So I urge you, implore you, if you haven’t already, educate yourself, make your own decision and VOTE!

And not just for president, but for your city council members, your state senators and your Congressional representatives.

And if you need even more suffrage inspiration, may I point you to this post on Jezebel by my friend Aitch.

Well done, Sister Suffragette!



  1. Aw, I just got all goosebumpy! There are some days when I’m not so proud to be an American, and there are days like today, when my heart is bursting with pride.

  2. Rock on! One of my earliest memories is of going to Oak Ridge, TN City Hall to vote (probably in the 1978 mid-term elections) with my dad. We stepped into the booth, pulled the red curtain around us, and – MAGIC! I heart voting.

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