A nation divided

November 10, 2008

Click on through to see President-elect Barack Obama address an issue that is dividing our country, pitting neighbor against neighbor, father against son, mother against daughter.

And we now know which side Obama is on. And I pray, with every fiber of my pastry-and-custard-loving being, that he appoints some pro-pie justices to the Supreme Court bench. Because you know Scalia is going to be the dissenting opinion in Cake v. Pie.

PS I showed this to my boyfriend, who said, “I’m going to learn to make awesome pies. That way you’ll never be mad at me.”



  1. But what’s his stand on tarts and tortes, eh?

  2. sweet potato pie wins

  3. That was beyond. Chelsea, you crack me up. PIE!

  4. OMG! YES.

  5. We’ve got M. We’ve got Emma. And we’ve got PRESIDENT OBAMA. Do we really need to debate the superiority of pie any longer?

  6. Mmmmmmmmm….sweet potato pie. With marshmallows. Momma likes.

  7. DottyZ, you make a good point, but I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: I remain neutral in this fight, but my vote can be bought. So start sending me pies and cakes and maybe I’ll pick a side.

  8. As a cake devotee, I must concede that that was awesome.

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