Let’s do the twist

November 11, 2008

Ugh. Sorry. I got a little serious there.

Now, to cleanse our palatte, a post about one of the most sacred institutions in this great land.

That’s right. I’m talkin’ ’bout the glossy lip balm.

Ah, the glossy lip balm. Sometimes they are also tinted, often flavored. But these are the workhorses of any good girl’s makeup bag.

They have been a staple of mine since, oh, I’d say 1994, when I, along with pretty much every other sixth grader at Grand Blanc Middle School became obsessed with this specific kind, whose name I cannot remember, but look back upon with great fondness.

I had two flavors, peppermint and watermelon. Peppermint had red and white lip balm swirled together and watermelon was pink and green. They were shaped like bullets (real bullets, not lipstick bullets) and they were AMAZING.

There have been other wonderful lip balms in my arsenal in the interceding years. I remember one in a long, black stick that tasted like delicious tutti fruitti candy. And, let’s face it, there are some pretty awesome ones on the market right now. C.O. Bigelow’s Mentha lip shines, Neutrogena lip tints and MAC’s tendertones are all solid players in my makeup bag.

But there are days when I want to reach into my pocket and pull out that swirlly bullet and bask in the candycane goodness of glossy red lips. A marathon game of Sardines isn’t out of the question, either.



  1. I want them to start making beauty products in the shade “tendercome.” Screw orgasm or o-glow or whatever, GIVE ME TENDERCOME!

  2. I’m sorry, your mama doesn’t read this, does she? I really hope not. If so, I’m sorry, Otter’s mama! I’m a good girl, I swan.

  3. I’m pretty sure MommaOtter doesn’t read this, but she does shop at Sephora, so she’s already been scandalized.

  4. You know, I am forever looking for a lip balm that will also make my lips super glossy and not get that sticky feeling that lip gloss gets. I usually end up layering lip balm and gloss together but someone has to have a solution for me!

  5. TheDomina, I like Estee Lauder’s high gloss and Fresh Sugar lip gloss for that. They don’t get sticky and they stay really glossy for a while.

    I think I’m going to do test-drives of my fave lip products and blog it soon.

  6. I believe those glosses were called Kissing Coolers and I was absolutely OBSESSED with the peppermint one.

  7. Dotty, you are so right! And they are also ON EBAY!

    (But, gross, buying 15 year old lip gloss).

  8. If I could find just one Tutti Frutti Kissing Kooler, my life would be complete.

    Every so often I’ll get a whiff of something that smells just like it and BAM! Sixth grade all over again.

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