Small = cooler

February 4, 2009




I want this. A lot. But in a Mac version.

Yeah, I know, I can get basically the same thing from an iPhone or an iPod touch or one of them fancy phones with the keyboards and stuff. But there’s something so gorgeous about the proportions of this. It’s creating some serious technology envy.

Can I just express what bullshit it is that the smallest Mac laptop still has a 13-inch screen? My 4-year old iBook has a 12-inch screen and it’s heavy! And let’s not talk about my old 17-incher. SEVENTEEN INCHES!

So ridiculous, someone blogged about how big it looked on Dr. Cuddy’s desk.

(Spoiler alert: The post discusses Monday night’s episode of “House,” so just look at the picture and ignore the post if you don’t want to know what happened.)


Attack of the giant laptop!

Attack of the giant laptop!



  1. Yes, but the new MacBooks are both large-screened (for, um, looking at large photos of Hugh Laurie, perhaps?) and LIGHT. Hella light.

    I want one. Almost as much as I want Hugh Laurie.

  2. Really, the key is to have a giant laptop at home and a tiny one in your purse, so that you’re never without access to Hugh Laurie pictures.

    Access to Hugh himself, however, is something I will FIGHT YOU for.

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